A Dummy’s Guide: How To Keep Your Knife Performs

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Here at Q.ulinary Essentials, we are the exclusive distributor of Cutlery-Pro. This brand offers users knifes that are unparalleled in quality. Like many other knifes, Cutlery-Pro incorporates German carbon steel with other materials to achieve one of the best blades on the market. The blade is extremely sharp yet also durable at the same time and user’s are guaranteed to have the best experience with this knife in the kitchen.

Cutlery-Pro from Q.ulinary Essentials

However, like most knifes that incorporates steel into their design, if you want this Cutlery-Pro knife to last a long while, you must know some tips and tricks on how to take care of the knife. Below are a few suggestions for you to maintain your Cutlery-Pro knife.

  1. Hone and Sharpen regularly: Every time you use your knife, it results in microscopic chips on the blade. Therefore, it is recommended that you hone the knife on a textured steel rod before you start using the knife to ensure its sharpness. In addition to this, you should properly sharpen your Cutlery Pro knife at least once a year on equipment such as wet stones.
  2. Cut properly: When you use the knife, make sure to use a wooden or plastic cutting board and avoid glass or stone boards. This is to minimize the damage to the blade after each use. Avoid using too much force when chopping (use cleavers instead when you need to chop tough ingredients) and stick with slicing motions.
  3. Clean and Store properly: While Cutlery Pro knifes are dishwasher safe, it would still be better to wash them by hand if possible. This is to avoid having other utensils hitting the blade while in the dishwasher and cause damage. Lastly, when storing the knife, if you’re using knife blocks, make sure that you slide the spine of the knife in and not the sharp edge.
Cutlery-Pro Kitchen Supply

Cook’s Knife Blue Handle 203mm

Cutlery-Pro Kitchen Supply

Cook’s Knife Red Handle 203mm

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