Q.ulinary Essentials is an exclusive distributor of Cutlery Pro. They pride themselves on being a leading manufacturer of professional cutlery since 1981. The brand was registered and patent in USA.

Cutlery Pro understands the importance of health and safety in food processing so they make sure their production follow Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard. Cutlery Pro’s products are available with colour coding system, complied with HACCP regulation. The company also put their products under strict inspection from National Saniation Foundation and got certified so you can find NSF certified on each packaging.

Cutlery Pro’s products are dishwasher-safe and protected with SteriShield® anti-bacterial. This technology will prevent the growth of bacteria.   

Cutlery Pro combines different innovations to create a masterpiece. The handle has seamless and ergonomic design to provide more firmly hold for users. Santoprene® Derlin®,, Du PONT®will help to make the handle slip resistant. The blade is created using top materials to provide strength, toughness and built to endure heat from cooking environment.

Depend on the purpose of users, Q.ulinary Essentials provides many types of kitchen knives such as cooks knife, boning knife, bread knife, butcher knife, cheese knife… and etc., which can easily simplify any kitchen tasks.

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