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Revolutionize your kitchen with durable Camwear® CamSquare Food Storage, ensuring extra freshness and savings from your ingredients! This crystal-clear design is virtually unbreakable, outstanding for fast-paced kitchens. The CamSquare shape also boasts an incredible 33% better space usage than traditional round containers. Withstands temperatures -40°F to 210°F (-40°C to 99°C), acids, stains, and odors for a long-lasting improvement on your storage system.

Molded-in handles on larger sizes allow both safe carrying and quick-drying, while easy-to-read graduations on all options offer at-a-glance inventory. Cambro’s snap-on covers fit tightly and protect contents from cross-contamination.

Level your food preparation and storage to a safer, more efficient system with CamSquares!

Find more products here: CAMBRO