Creating A Professional Kitchen At Home

Creating A Professional Kitchen At Home

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you might want to consider improving your kitchen to a professional standard. It's all about your tools to create a professional kitchen at home.

1.Lacor Magnet Support For Knives size 380MM

Magnetic holder for knives. Easy to mount on your kitchen wall, this bar will allow you to easily store your knives.


Also useful in your bathroom or garage. Includes wall plugs and screws to secure it to the wall.

2. Lacor Cook Fork 18cm

Professional quality forged kitchen knives from the Classic Chef knife range by Lacor. The high quality blade is made of German HRC 54-58 steel containing molybdenum for an increased corrosion resistance, and vanadium, for optimum hardness and longlasting cutting performance. With a classic Chef design, the knifes are perfectly balanced and the traditional ergonomic handle makes them very comfortable to use. A full tang blade and POM handle with perfect washing-machine resistance, makes them durable kitchen tools that can handle everyday cutting tasks and that are made to last.

3. Semi-Spherical Mixing Bowl With Handle size D 36cm x 18cm 12L

Used for mixing food, it is ideal for stirring egg whites, cream, making mousses and different sauces. It is made of 18/10 stainless steel.  With side handles for holding it firmly in position while using it. 


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