Cutlery Pro

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Professional Quality at a Great Price​

A quality knife is an essential tool for any kitchen – professional or home. That’s why we're proud to offer our own Cutlery Pro line of high-quality knives to professionals and home chefs, alike.


Since 1981, Cutlery Pro has been manufacturing the broadest line of knives for professional chefs worldwide. This tradition of excellence in material and workmanship is now available to inspire home chefs to new heights.


What makes Cutlery Pro stand out from the competition is that each knife is produced using the same materials as many higher-priced professional-quality knives, but Cutlery Pro is available at an affordable price. Cutlery Pro’s materials and production standards ensure superior craftsmanship, and when coupled with a great price, anyone can take their food prep to a new level.


Find more products hereCutlery Pro