Duralex Glass - Vibrant Personality and Artistic Elegance for Restaurant, Cafe, and Hotel Spaces

Duralex Glass - Vibrant Personality and Artistic Elegance for Restaurant, Cafe, and Hotel Spaces

Duralex was founded in 1945 in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (France), a pioneering symbol in the use of tempered glass technology applying a strict exclusive production process, with unique colors and technology. Sophisticated design techniques suitable for restaurant, cafe and hotel spaces.

Duralex has conquered the world with two outstanding product lines, not only achieving sales success but also being recognized as classy works of art:

  • Le Picardie, a unique line of glass cups, is one of 20 designs that shape the contemporary world (besides Coca Cola bottles, mini skirts, cameras,... - according to CNN)
  • Le Gigogne, is in the permanent collection of the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris.

Not only stopping with brilliant auras, Duralex constantly develops and commits to absolute quality as all products are manufactured at Duralex's standard factory in France. The company strictly complies with the European Union's glass thermal shock resistance standards, one of the most stringent standards in the world.


  • Safe for health: Duralex glass cups are considered absolutely safe for health because they are made from high quality glass and do not interact chemically with food, and are able to withstand high temperatures without causing harm. release toxic substances
  • Luxurious design, diverse colors and designs: Duralex products have many unique colors and personalities, beautiful designs with delicate and luxurious lines and aspects suitable for a variety of humid spaces. real
  • Safe on impact, limited breakage: Duralex tempered glass can withstand 2.5 times more force than normal glass, this type of glass is also used to create windshields. When broken, it will form small pieces without dangerous sharp edges, ensuring safety for customers and employees.
  • Good heat resistance: Duralex products can withstand sudden temperature changes from -20°C to 130°C, suitable for using a variety of drinks from hot to cold.
  • Easy to Clean: Duralex glass has a non-porous surface and does not absorb liquids, making it easy to clean after each use and maintain a shiny look like new.
  • Save Storage Space: The stacking ability of Duralex products helps you optimize storage space
  • Safe for appliances such as microwave, freezer, dishwasher: Duralex can easily adapt to moving from the freezer directly into the microwave and is safe for use in the dishwasher


During 35 years of operation, Q Industries is proud to be a leading unit in the field of providing Restaurant - Hotel supplies and equipment in Vietnam, and is a long-term strategic partner with the Duralex brand. Genuine Duralex products are being displayed and sold directly at our Q.ulinary Essentials store system:

  • Ho Chi Minh Branch.: Ground Floor, Q Industries Building, Lot 9, Street 7, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, District 7
  • Hanoi Branch: 11 Van Cao, Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho District

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