The kitchen utensils listed below are essential for cooking at home and will help make your cooking experience easier and safer.

When I first owned my own home, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of everything. After coming home from work, I would stop by the supermarket or market to buy some ingredients to cook for my small family. I am a family-oriented person and particularly enjoy cooking. I love to come home and cook for my family or prepare meals for friends on weekends.

Looking back, there was a social media trend in China where a photo was widely shared. The image showed Li Lanjuan, a 73-year-old scientist who was at the forefront of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China, cooking dinner in the kitchen to welcome the New Year. Li Lanjuan posted the photo with a caption that said, "This year I can finally rest, no need to cook for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner anymore, as Mr. Dang will take over for me..." This statement expressed the happiness of a wife and revealed the simple yet warm moments in daily life.

The most challenging task for me during the early days in my new home was shopping for cooking utensils for my kitchen. Buying quality cooking tools was already difficult, and it became even harder to purchase all the necessary utensils for my kitchen. It would be simple to search and buy them online, but finding a reputable source with reasonable prices proved to be a challenging task. After some trial and error, I finally learned which essential items are necessary for cooking. Moreover, I would like to share this knowledge with everyone, especially our fellow men.

You need to know which cooking utensils to buy instead of eating out or to make your kitchen more modern and well-equipped.

Dành cho bạn nếu:

You don't know or are not skilled at cooking.

You understand that cooking at home saves money, is more nutritious, and offers better hygiene than eating out.

You want better control over the amount of consumed calories.

You want to eliminate worries about foodborne illnesses or bacteria on cooking utensils such as chopsticks, spoons, and forks.

You understand that cooking and having dinner together with your family brings joy and strengthens bonds.

You are a gym-goer, and preparing meals for the entire week is crucial since diet determines 80% of the results, while exercise contributes only 20%.

You know that cooking at home helps reduce stress, depression, and provides relaxation after a tiring workday.

You know that cooking at home boosts your confidence. If you are pursuing someone, knowing how to cook will earn you extra points in their eyes.

You want to explore your own creativity in cooking various dishes according to your taste.

You know that cooking at home is more enjoyable when hosting a party. Everyone can lend a hand, it's delicious, cost-effective, and allows for a greater variety of food.

You live alone or want to cook for yourself and your family.

You need a safe kitchen space to prepare meals for young children.

You have just moved into a new house and want to equip your kitchen with all the necessary cooking utensils.

You want to buy cooking utensils at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

I will share with you the basic cooking utensils that are used every day and can be easily stored away after use. I have personally purchased these items, and after using them for a while, I am very satisfied with my choice of these products.

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