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In 1977 the company "Schneider Silikonpapiere" was founded and transformed in 1983 into "Schneider GmbH", having its headquarters at Albershausen, a small town about 40 km from Stuttgart in the Southwest of Germany.

The former core business, the production and processing of siliconised special papers, has been expanded continually by the integration of other companies and the development of innovative new products.

Today their main business sectors are:

    •  Bakery equipment made of paper, metal, plastics and silicone.
    •  Memo pads for the beverage industry.
    •  These products are produced at two European sites.

With their modern machinery and the use of high quality raw materials, we are able to meet the high standards required by our customers in more than 50 countries.

It is their ambition to continually increase the performance of our company, investing in technical facilities, new tools and know how, in order to be able to offer a wide product range to their commercial partners.

Find more products here: SCHNEIDER