How To Wash Hands In The Right Way – Prevention Of Corona

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In recent days, dry hand sanitizer is being sought by many people. Because hands are exposed to a lot of bacteria in everyday life, is also where we often use to contact the respiratory organs. So keeping your hands clean and hygienic is very important.

1. Time to wash your hand:

To protect your body and prevent coronary disease effectively, it is also important to wash hand your hand carefully. Especially, don’t forget to wash your hand in these cases: 

  • Before preparing food and after touch the raw materials. 
  • Before having meals and after finish eating. 
  • Before and after caring for sick people, especially people with contagious diseases.
  • When taking care of sick people, especially those with contagious and contagious diseases, you should wash your hands before, after contact.
  • Washing hands after treating wounds and cuts is also essential.
  • You should also wash your hands after changing a diaper for your child. 
  • After using toilet.
  • After touch the eyes, nose of patients or those who is suspected as sick person. 
  • After touching the animals, and types of waste, garbage.
  • After touching the objects in public places (door knob, elevator button, … ).
  • After removing the mask.

2.Wash your hand in the right way:

Knowing the right time to wash your hands during the day, hand washing is one of the keys to prevent corona effectively. Q.ulinary essentials recommends that you wash your hands base on the direction of the Ministry of Health:

  • Step 1: Wet your hands with clean water. Pump 3 to 5ml of hand sanitizer or rub with soap into the palm of your hand, then rub your palms together.
  • Step 2: Rub one palm to the back of the other and vice versa.
  • Step 3: Rub 2 palms together and alternate fingers of two hands.
  • Step 4: Clean the outside of the fingers of one hand into the palm of the other.
  • Step 5: Rub the thumb of one hand into the palm of the other and vice versa.
  • Step 6: Rub the fingertips into the palm of the other hand and vice versa. Wash your hands again with clean water and pat dry.

Note: Each upper hand rub must be done at least 5 times.

              Washing hands with soap must last for at least 20 seconds to prevent nCoV infection.

              Wash your hands often with soap and clean water, wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands with clean water and soap or a hand sanitizer is the best way to protect yourself. However, this is not always possible, especially when outside. In such cases, a bottle of dry hand sanitizer will help you effectively prevent corona outbreaks and protect yourself.

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