You may have heard of stainless steel spoons, stainless steel water bottles, or many other stainless steel accessories in culinary industries, but why is stainless steel a popular material for manufacturers? The answers are obvious for people who have used stainless steel products. 

Stainless steel is used for products that must be resistant to corrosion, many other elements such as copper, nickel, molybdenum and titanium, are added to strengthen product surface and structures. There are many reasons why you would love stainless steel products: 

  • Fire and heat resistance

Attention to safety awareness, especially in the kitchen, stainless steel is the best choice to stay with you. 

  • Resistance to impact even at extreme temperature variations

You might want to have nice cool water when you are in the hot weather, the stainless steel water bottle keeps the cool temperature of water for you!

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning, hygienic, non-porous surface

The texture is glossy, so many stainless steel products are easy to clean and keep hygienic. 

  • Its aesthetic appearance

The glossy surface creates an elegant impression for stainless steel products. Simple but cool. 

  • Its durability, making it the least expensive choice when it comes to a life cycle cost comparison

The period of life cycle for stainless steel products is long, which means its cost effective for consumers.

Besides, you might be confused about hearing stainless steel 18/10 or stainless steel 18/0. So what is the meanings of these numbers? Actually, Stainless steel 18/10 or 18/10 indicates the portion of chromium versus nickel. For example, stainless steel 18/10 means it contain 18% chromium and 10% nickel. While chromium give your products the hardness feeling and rust resistance ability, nickel help to enhance corrosion resistance and bring the silver-like shine. Thus, it means the higher portion of nickel that stainless steel contain, the more its durability and shinning enhanced.

If you are going to find a cutlery set or flatware, those that made from stainless steel 18/10 would be your ideal products. At Q.ulinary Essentials, we are proud to introduce our own brand named Q’tessence that 100% made from 18/10 stainless steel. This collection would make your dinning set up shinning as well as functionally support you the best.


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flatware with stainless steel

Q’tessence Flatware

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