What To Expect In July At Q.ulinary Essentials?

Q.ulinary Essentials

Membership Redemption Program Launch

Our membership redemption program is a great opportunity for new and old members of Q.ulinary Essentials to use their Q.points in order to receive kitchenware items from reputable brands. Naturally, the more Q.points you have, the more fabulous the item will be. To understand more about the program, please have a look with the policy below.



  1. Point: an accumulative unit which a customer can earn from each transaction at Q.ulinary Essentials. 1 Q.point is equivalent to 10,000 VND for redemption.
  2. Validity of Q.Point: the point will be expired within 12 months starting from the date of the most recent transaction either it’s a Q.point gained or redemption.
  3. How to collect points: customers will present a physical card or a QR code to a cashier when purchase an item at Q.ulinary Essentials to earn point.
  4. Points rounding to the nearest whole number: accumulative points will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example: 1.4 is rounded down to 1 point and 1.6 is rounded up to 2 points.
  5. Type of payment: depending on the nature of the products or any other member’s program, we may accept customers to collect points when they use direct bank transfer. Customers need to provide card number in the reference.
  6. Forgotten to bring membership card: customers may use phone number instead of a physical card.
  7. Complaints and Feedbacks: Customers have any queries please contact our hotline. Inbox Q.ulinary Essentials’ Facebook fanpage. Email us: [email protected]

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