Sharing about the experience of Cutlery Pro products from KOL Khanh Van

Sharing about the experience of Cutlery Pro products from KOL Khanh Van


All of us have been mad when the knife was dull and cannot cut anything. Well, here, we are selling knives which solving your problem in your kitchen. 


Cutlery-Pro knife set to choose from (all four colours blue, red, white, yellow). This set includes two slicing knives, one deboning knife and one sharpener. With two slicing knives, I highly recommend you separate them to 2 using purpose: For Meat and For Vegetable. And please remember to cut the onion and garlic separately, not using the same knife for cutting fruit ; it will smell super disgusting!

Once when I went to a coffee shop with my friends, I have asked for a glass of lemon juice but it was full of onion smell. I have asked a staff to come and check, then I said:”Please tell the owner to buy you more knives, use separate knives to cut onions and lemons!”

Knife made from carbon steel is very durable, light and sharp. Cutlery-Pro's Chef's Knife for cutting and chopping all types of larger vegetables and fruit with ease. 

  • Made from German carbon steel (X50CrMov15); ergonomic handle for added comfort with safety guard to protect fingers NSF approved; handle is hermetically sealed to the blade for safe use without worry of cross contamination of food
  • Perfectly ground edge for superior performance; stays sharper longer; slice watermelon, cantaloupe, cauliflower, cabbage, butternut squash, and more
  • Blade is easily re-sharpened if it ever becomes dull from use; dishwasher safe; includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

I love this knife set, and I hope you all can have the same experience like me while trying Cutlery Pro product. 

Thank you for watching! LOVE

16/11/2021 09:27:22