What is cutlery?

What is cutlery?

Cutlery is a familiar term frequently used in the restaurant and hotel industry. Nowadays, most restaurants use cutlery sets to serve their customers and enhance the quality of service. So, do you know what cutlery is? What does it include? Qulinary Essentials will help you understand this terminology.


What is Cutlery?

Cutlery refers to eating utensils or a set of eating tools used in the preparation, serving, and consumption of food in Western culture. The main tools in cutlery are knives, forks, and spoons.

The cutlery set comes in various types with different designs, sizes, and functions to cater to the serving needs of customers when enjoying a meal.

What does a complete cutlery set include?

Depending on the dish and the number of courses, the serving staff will set up the necessary utensils on the dining table. To identify and select the appropriate tools, the serving staff needs to know what items are included in a complete cutlery set:

1. Knives

Type Length Purpose
Main Course Knife Approximately 22,5cm

Non-pointed knife with or without serrations used for cutting main dishes or meat.

Fish Knife   Approximately 20.8cm This type of knife has no serrations to prevent crushing the fish.
Steak Knife   Approximately 22.5cm Pointed knife or serrated knife used for cutting meat.
Cake Knife   Approximately 25cm This knife is used for cutting cakes and pastries.
Butter Knife  Approximately 13.8cm  
Cheese Knife    

2. Fork

Type Length Purpose
Main Fork   Approximately 20.5cm Used for main dishes, meat, or pasta; main forks have a symmetrical size when placed alongside a knife.
Fish Fork   Approximately 19.1cm Only has 3 prongs.
Serving Fork    
Dessert Fork    
Pastry Fork    

3. Spoon

Type Length Purpose
Main Spoon  Approximately 20.5cm Used for main dishes or pasta.
Dessert Spoon  Approximately 18cm  
Small Dessert Spoon  Approximately 15.5cm  Used for sweet desserts in Asian and European cuisines.
Soup Spoon Approximately 18cm Approximately 18cm  
Salad Serving Spoon    
Tea Spoon    
Teaspoon Approximately 14cm  
Small Teaspoon  Approximately 12cm  Serves espresso coffee.
  Ice Cream Spoon, Cake Spoon    
Stirring Spoon   Approximately 18.5cm Used for tall glasses that require stirring.

4. Other Utensils

Type Length Purpose
Salad Serving Utensil 20.3cm  
Cake Tongs 28cm  
Food Folding Utensil  25-30cm  
Crab and Lobster Tongs 15cm  
  Shrimp Deveiner    
  Snail Tongs, Snail Fork    
  Nut Cracker  15cm Used for cracking nuts, such as walnuts and macadamia nuts.
  Sugar Tongs, Tea Bag Tongs    
  Egg and Fish Bone Utensil     Set of cutlery made of stainless steel
Food Warming Lamp    Used to keep dishes like chicken, beef, and grilled meat warm.
  Large Soup Ladle 28cm Typically used in the kitchen.
Small Soup Ladle 19.3cm Used for serving soups in buffet counters.
  Food Crumb Sweeper  15cm Used to sweep crumbs or dry food particles off the table.

These are the summarized information provided by Qulinary Essentials. We hope that through this information, you have a better understanding of what cutlery is and what items are included in a cutlery set.

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