What is Cutlery? What does a complete cutlery include?

What is Cutlery? What does a complete cutlery include?

“Cuttlery” is a fairly common term used in restaurants and hotels. So what is Cutlery? What does the cutlery include and how does it function? Let's find out together right here.

What is Cutlery?

Cutlery is a commonly used term in restaurants and hotels. So, what exactly is Cutlery? Cutlery refers to any handheld metal utensils (typically made of silver or stainless steel) used for preparing, serving, and eating food in Western culture. The main components of Cutlery are knives, forks, and spoons.


The Cutlery set encompasses various types and sizes of utensils, each serving a specific function to cater to the dining needs of customers.

What are the functions of Cutlery?

Apart from the primary purpose of assisting in handling food for diners, such as gripping, cutting, scooping, and skewering, Cutlery also signifies class and sophistication in the quality of restaurant service. It leaves an impression on the guests, reinforces and establishes an elegant brand effectively.


What does a complete Cutlery set include?

Not every table in a restaurant will be fully set up with all the Cutlery tools required to serve guests. Depending on the dish and the number of courses, the serving staff will set up and supplement the necessary utensils. However, for convenience in identification and selection of appropriate tools, restaurant staff should be familiar with a complete set of Cutlery along with their respective characteristics and functions:

► Knives:


Main course knife / Dinner knife

Fish knife

Steak knife

Pastry slicer

Butter knife

Cheese knife

► Spoons:


Main course spoon

Dessert spoon / Pasta spoon

Small dessert spoon

Soup spoon

Salad serving spoon

Tea spoon

Coffee / Demi-tasse spoon

Small coffee spoon

Parfait spoon


► Forks:


Dinner fork

Fish fork

Salad serving fork

Cocktail fork

Pastry fork

► Other utensils


cutlery là gì

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