What is Cook Knife? Uses? Shop to buy kitchen knives in Hanoi

What is Cook Knife? Uses? Shop to buy kitchen knives in Hanoi

Cook knives are considered as one of the indispensable items in every kitchen today. Cook knife helps users to solve the needs when preparing and processing food from cutting, slicing… So what are the characteristics of this knife? Let's find the answer with Qulinary Essentials Kitchen Store right in the article below.


What is Cook Knife?

Cook knife is a tool in the group of kitchen knives, specialized for food processing. In the past, this type of knife was mainly used for cutting beef and associated with the image of Western chefs.


However, today the Cook knife has become more versatile than ever, able to cut many different types of fish meat. This makes it easy for them to do well in the kitchen.

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Features of the cook knife

Cook knife can serve the requirements of preliminary processing, excellent cutting. You can absolutely use it to make a meat knife, a fish knife or a vegetable cutter.

The standard cook knife is usually about 15 - 30cm long with a blade about 18 - 20cm long. Long blades and light weight are also highlights of these knives. This makes it easy for users to manipulate when preparing food.

The blade uses high-carbon, stainless steel billets. Most chef knives today are made from carbon steel - a simple carbon iron alloy and free of other impurities.

Carbon steel blades are easier to sharpen and retain their edge longer than regular stainless steel. At the same time, helping the knife to have a strong, durable and extremely good bearing capacity. Thanks to that, the knife can easily handle all kinds of food from meat, fish or vegetables ...

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How to properly store a cook knife?

A durable cook knife that you can use for a lifetime depends on your maintenance. If you regularly sharpen it several times a year, you will have a good knife that will last a long time. As for the rarely used or finished use of not washing, hanging in a dry place, and rarely sharpening it, you will soon have to buy a new knife.

One point to note is that the cook knife should not be put in the dishwasher. High pressure of water and detergent can loss sharpness and real feel of the knife. That's why it's better to wash by hand only.

Are Cook Knife Quantum Pro / Cutlery Pro good?

Cutlery Pro - is a patented brand in the United States, specializing in producing professional kitchen tools that are loved and trusted by chefs worldwide.

What makes the Cutlery Pro stand out from the competition is that each knife is manufactured with the same materials as many higher priced professional quality knives, but the affordable Cutlery Pro makes it easy for anyone You can also take your food preparation to the next level.

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