What is serrated knives for?

What is serrated knives for?

There are different types of serrated knives used for various purposes: cake knives, bread knives, and serrated meat knives.

Here is some information about the popular types of serrated knives available today:


The cake knife is the most common type of serrated knife we have. It is also known as the best friend of bakers. The cake knife is designed for sweet baking purposes. The wide blade section of the knife functions like a spatula or a smooth-edged knife. It is very convenient for cake making.


With its characteristic sharp blade, a bread knife can easily cut through bread and cakes without crushing them. When using a bread knife, we can effortlessly slice various types of bread without distorting their shape.



Serrated meat knives typically range in size from 20cm (8") to 36cm (14") and are used for slicing and carving. The advantage of a serrated knife is that it can cut through tough bread, vegetables, fruits, and meat without crushing or distorting them.

Serrated meat knives and pointed serrated knives come in various lengths and levels of flexibility. The ones with a rounded tip are suitable for boneless meat, as well as large bread, fruits, and vegetables. Serrated meat knives with a pointed tip are suitable for any joint of meat that has bones.


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