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Since Michael Nachtmann founded their company in 1834, they have steadily built their reputation as a specialist in crystal glassware. In 2004 they became the lifestyle brand of Riedel Glassworks, a family-owned business with a proud 200-year heritage.



In 2014 Nachtmann is celebrating its 180th birthday. At Nachtmann, their past shapes their present and their present shapes their future. From previous generations to the next generation, they respect craftsmanship and they relish creativity. From classics to cutting-edge, from special days to every day, they provide 180 years of crystal glassware fit for the occasion.


At Nachtmann they believe that each day offers the prospect of joy and surprise. Every day is special. Any gathering of friends can become an occasion. Any family meal can be memorable. The most casual get-together can become a celebration. They inspire people to share these precious moments by bringing a little luxury and sparkle to everyday life through our brilliant crystal glassware. A gift of their glassware can be remarkably affordable, and their high-quality decorative glasses, plates, bowls and tabletop accessories are sought by style-conscious consumers across the world.

Find more products here: NACHTMANN