Zero-Waste Kitchen

Zero-Waste Kitchen

The kitchen has a great deal of potential to be an environmentally conscious space in your home. QE Kitchen Store has several zero-waste kitchen ideas to help you create a zero-waste kitchen, from cooking to storage and cleaning. Let's scroll down to get suggested products if you want to start to build an environmental-friendly kitchen!

1. Lacor Bread Cutting Board Bamboo

Cutting board is known as the most essentials ware in the kitchen so choosing the one which is sustainable is very important to measure you do not throw it away in a short period. Lacor Bread Cutting Board Bamboo is also made from high-quality and environment-friendly material. In this way, the Bamboo crumb board maintains the kitchen work area tidy while also serving as a lightweight and multi-positional cutting board that can be used anywhere in the kitchen.

2. Lacor Beech Wood Plain Spatula 

Choose cooking utensils made entirely of wood or bamboo for stirring, mixing, and flipping. These are not only more durable than plastic utensils, but they are also a more environmentally friendly option. Particularly, the spatula not only made from natural beech wood of high quality and finished with natural oils but also resist to high temperatures and durable.

3. Bread Brush Wood Handle 5 Rows

It doesn't mean you can't keep your kitchen sparkling clean just because you've gone zero waste and avoided plastic bottles with chemical-based home cleaners. Brushes with plastic handles and bristles are not only bad for the environment, but they also don't last very long and are unsightly. Therefore, don't forget to using cleaning products made from wood if you want to show you are an environmental lover!

4. Cambro PC Food Storage Container


If you want the benefits of glass (safety, durability, and environmental consciousness), but are worried about dropping — or your children dropping — and cracking the glass, choose plastic food storage instead. Camwear® CamSquare Food Storage will revolutionize your kitchen by ensuring extra freshness and cost savings from your ingredients. With CamSquares, you can upgrade your food preparation and storage to a safer, more efficient method.

So what do you think so far? We hope this list can help you build a zero-waste kitchen and protect our lovely Earth together. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to own these products.


24/12/2021 16:34:07